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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Is This Government Pushing America into Revolution?

The title of this blog sounds extreme and scary but when you consider the direction this government is taking our nation, many citizens, at least those who pay taxes are super charged with anger. Once again the federal government, led by our liberal, socialist President has announced we can expect a one and one half trillion dollar deficit this fiscal year. This will be added to the 14.5 trillion dollar national debt. The Obama led government is still engaged in spending money like drunken sailors and - God forbid - that Obama and his liberal ilk lead this country another 4 years, this nation will be on the fast track toward bankruptcy.
American citizens are sick and fed up with government's inability or reluctance to enforce illegal immigration, despite the fact that illegal immigration is costing our nation billions of dollars each year. At the present time, a home located at the end of our cul-de-sac is being used as an illegal alien safehouse, where drug activity is suspected and law enforcement is jerking complaining residents around, claiming they will keep an eye on the place. In the meantime, no police have been observed in our cul-de-sac since they claimed they were keeping an eye on the place. It is frustrating that my church is protecting and harboring illegal aliens and pushing for amnesty for illegals. Illegal aliens, specifically illegals from south of the U.S. border, are breaking the infrastructure of our nation. These people do not want to become U.S. citizens, they want the U.S. to become a Mexico, Spanish speaking country. Do these illegals work hard? For the most part they do, but there is an element that is engaged in criminal activity and many of our homicides involve Spanish speaking illegals.
Our government, especiallly the Democratic Party, seems focused on representing the 48% of our nation that does not pay taxes and lives off some sort of dole. Obama and his cohorts believe it is just to take money away from those who work for it and give it to those who sit on their ass and hold their hand out. Frustrated and angry tax paying citizens are joining tea parties and speaking out against taxation and liberalism. However, the Obama led government treats tea party people as the enemy and try to portray them as law breakers.
If Barack Obama is reelected in 2012, I believe it is highly possible by 2015 that there will be open rebellion in this nation, as Obama keeps raising taxes and promoting liberal socialist programs.
I believe the only way to straighten out the mess in this country, is to shut down the federal government temporarily. Then eliminate thousands of government agencies and programs that serve no purpose other than the promotion of socialist programs. We need to place education back in the hands of the states and eliminate the bloated and corrupt Department of Education. Education needs to get back to the basics of teaching children reading, writing and arithmetic and eliminate all of the diversity programs, sex education programs, and why can't we all get along programs.
Of course, this will not happen and the only way to correct the problem is revolution.
Eventually, the people who pay for all of the nonsense that our government presently promotes are going to reach a boiling point and they will rise up in anger.
That is my take and would be interested in hearing from others.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Liar, liar pants on fire!

As I watched Obama's speech the night before last, I wanted to scream, "liar, liar, pants on fire." I have never seen such arrogance, egotism and narcissistic behavior in a President.
Obama's statement that he wants to reduce the deficit is an absolute lie and a sham! This scumbag liberal is increasing the national debt faster than any other President in history. Obama is adamant in his refusal to eliminate funding to Planned Parenthood, the government funded abortion clinic. I have to ask, why in hell are taxpayers paying to eliminate the result of the sexual pleasure enjoyed by thousands of Obama's people. Thousands of men across our nation are enjoying sex with numerous women and impregnating many of them. Then they are not held responsible because they are "the poor." Bullshit! We the taxpayers have no obligation to pay for your sexual pleasure! Of course the majority of these sexual predators are of the same skin color as Obama, and God forbid that any white man condemn these animals, because to do so is racism. Horsehit! I just call a Spade a Spade!
Obama told the American people that the United States was not taking a leading role in the war in Libya and that our goal was not to interfere in Libyan politics. Bullshit! We now learn via many media sources that the U.S. is hell bent on taking down Qhadaffi and installing a new government.
Obama attacked Republicans for their proposal to reduce government expense and lower the deficit. He also stated with profound arrogance that he intended to do away with the "Bush" tax cuts (they were not cuts) and tax the wealthy. I have to ask this pile of feces President, define the wealthy? I am an old retired individual who is paying a hell of a lot of taxes. Am I one of those so-called rich? Why is it that 60% of the the people who voted this pile of phony baloney to the Presidency do not pay any taxes, yet reap numerous benefits from government.
Obama needs to be impeached because he has violated his oath of office, is not qualified to be President and is dangerous to this nation.
Do I sound angry? You're damned right! Obama does not belong in the oval office, he belongs in prison, with Gotti and other organized crime thugs.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

I Calls Em Like I Sees Em!

Recently, a couple of people have criticized my latest postings as too harsh and too critical of President Barack Hussein Obama. They tell me that referring to Obama as a scumbag, is derogatory and disrespectful of the office that he holds.
To this criticizm I would respond, having served in the military and being a police officer for over 25 years, I can readily identify with people who are so disgusting that they qualify as 'scum.' Also, I have never been a man to mince words when saying what I feel in my heart and mind.
Barack Hussein Obama, a corrupt community organizer from Chicago, with a highly questionable past and quite possibly not even qualified under the U.S. Constitution to hold the esteemed office of President of the United States, does not belong in the White House and he defiles the esteemed office of President of the United States and Commander-in-Chief.
Obama gained the Presidency through complicity of a corrupt political system; acting in concert with a corrupt media unconcerned about the United States Constitution or investigating the charasmatic black candidate for President, simply because he was black and they thrilled at his undefined message of hope and change. Corrupt labor unions also played a major role in getting Obama elected because in him they knew their power would increase and they would be rewarded with government payoffs.
Obama was elected using the organized crime modus operandi of "give me millions of dollars for my campaign and support my election and after I am in power, I will reward you by payoffs with taxpayer dollars and an insurance policy that unions will continue their hold on power.
All of the hope and change nonsense offered up by Obama was b.s. and absolute baloney. One group's hopes can be 180 degrees opposite of another group's hopes. Every living, breathing human holds out hope for something good to happen in their life. What might be good for them may vey well be quite bad for another. And, why didn't Obama make it clear that the change he had in mind for America, would trash the United States Constitution and bankrupt the nation. The majority of citizens who actually pay taxes to fund government, did not elect the community organizer to the Presidency. His votes came via greedy union members, government employees and minorities who have been holding their hands out to government since Johnson's War on Poverty began and crying out, "Give me! Give me! I am entitled!"
The fact that Barack Hussein Obama is a fraud; qualifies as a leader of an organized crime operation, and is doing his best to bankrupt America qualifies him as a scumbag. As Commander-in-Chief, Obama handicaps our military in Afghanistan and gets brave members of our military killed, by forcing them to operate under completely asinine rules of engagement. In my book, this qualifies Obama as a scumbag. Why should any American have to sacrifice their life for the arrogance and stupidity of an unqualified President and CIC. Obama is weak in his dealings with Islamic terrorists and acts sumissively to Islamic country rulers. Obama is pretending to enforce illegal immgration, while in truth promoting amnesty to secure support and votes from criminals. Yes, for the imbeciles who like to refer to ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS as undocumented aliens, I would point out that illegal immigrants are CRIMINALS! Obama's action, or rather non-action, in this regard, qualifies him as a scumbag. Obama recently acted pursuant to directive from the United Nations and ordered America's involvement in the Libyan civil war. For the imbeciles who think there is nothing wrong with this I will point out that for a President to order military involvement without seeking approval of Congress, requires that the safety and security of America is at risk from the enemy nation. There is no way in hell that Libya, despite its evil, insane leader poses any threat to America. By failing to ask Congress for approval to get involved in Libya, Obama violated the U.S. Constitution and committed an impeachable offense. Therefore, he is a scumbag! America is not ruled or governed by the United Nations and as corrupt as that organization has become, no American President should let the U.N. dictate to him. Most recently, during the ongoing stalemate with Congress over the budget and possible shutdown of government, Obama flew up to New York City to join in a celebration honoring another scumbag by the name of Al Sharpton. This action was obviously carried out to obtain campaign dollars from Sharpton supporters and to get votes from minorities who love all the government hand out programs that Obama supports. This qualifies Obama as a scumbag!
I would encourage anyone who takes offense at a scumbag being called a scumbag to write their own ode of praise for Barack Hussein Obama. That praise would be just as deserved as the Nobel Peace Prize he won for?????

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Latest By our Scumbag President

How many of you are aware that while the budget crisis is ongoing and the stalemate is about to result in government shutdown, President Barack Hussein Obama, flew up to New York City, naturally at taxpayers expense, to honor - of all people - AL SHARPTON! This was kept pretty silent and the Obama mainstream media didn't have much of any comment, if any, about it.
Al Sharpton is the same scumbag who went to the aid of Tawana Brawley, the little slut who falsely claimed that she had been held captive by whites and abused. Even accused an Assistant District Attorney in Dutchess County New York, of being involved. Investigation proved Brawley lied and made up the whole scenario to avoid punishment for bad behavior and to obtain sympathy. The Assistant DA won a civil lawsuit against Al Sharpton for defamation and to my knowledge Sharpton has yet to pay the award decided by the court.
Obviously Obama's travel to NYC to honor scumbag Sharpton was for the purpose of getting $$ and votes from the crud that adore scumbag Sharpton.
Sharpton travels about the country supporting black racism causes and he is a poor example for a Reverend. Sharpton should be in prison for the crap that he has pulled.
When Obama pays homage to a scumbag, he qualifies as a scumbag!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Our President Is Out of Control!

Okay, no more Mr. Nice Guy! I am going to begin calling despotic scumbags, scumbags. Barack Hussein Obama is beginning to act like a dictator and a despot, therefore, he is a scumbag!
Obama takes money from public sector unions and supports their rape of the American taxpayer. That makes him a scumbag!
Obama has decided that he can bypass Congress and follow mandates handed down by the socialist dominated United Nations. Therefore he is a scumbag!
Obama rammed healthcare legislation down our throats ignoring negativity from the overwhelming majority of the American public. Therefore, he is a scumbag!
Obama has decided he can order military intervention in any (weak) country of the world while ignoring the requirement that the safety and security of America must be at risk for taking military action. Therefore, he is a scumbag!
No one despises Gadaffi more than I and I would take pleasure in his demise, but what gives America the right to interfere in another nation's civil war? Think about this. What if revolution broke out in America because a large majority of the citizenry became sick and fed up with government's behavior, and another nation - for instance Iran - decided that to protect American citizenry from death and destruction, they had to get involved. This equates to the same situation as what is presently happening in Libya. Therefore, Obama is a scumbag!
Obama is spending money like a drunken dictator, drunk on power consequently burying America in debt. Therefore, Obama is a scumbag!
Obama is spending outrageous sums of money on personal vacations and personal pleasure while claiming he feels for America's poor. Therefore, Obama is a scumbag!
Obama is giving Constitutional Rights, which they are not entitled to to foreign terrorists hellbent on killing Americans. Therefore, Obama is a scumbag!
Obama lies to the American people at will, while saying, "I want to make myself perfectly clear." The truth is, he takes pride in pulling the wool over our eyes and knows he will not be challenged by a complicit liberal, all-supportive socialist media. Therefore, Obama is a scumbag!
Vice President Biden once called for the impeachment of George Bush, for engaging America's military without the approval of Congress. Now that Obama has engaged our military without approval of Congress, Biden has changed his mind and says, "well this is different because Obama is President." Therefore, Joe Biden is a scumbag!
Eric Holder, castigates members of the Tea Party, protects Muslim terrorists and refuses to prosecute Nation of Muslim thugs who intimidated voters. Therefore, Holder is a racist and a scumbag!
Never in the history of America has the administration of our country been under the control of such a large group of scumbags!
Enough is enough! Hillary Clinton keeps preaching, "Gadaffi must go!" Well, Mrs. Clinton, you and the rest of the crud that are screwing up America, MUST GO!
If it takes an Egyptian or Libyan type situation to throw them out, then so be it!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Our Clueless, Brainless President

Why in hell is the United States getting involved in the Libyan conflict? If Qadaffi wins, Libyans hate America. If the Libyan rebels win, they hate America. Our President in his typical infinite, infantile foolishness, is about to commit billions of dollars and possibly even military personnel to interfere in a country where we have no business interfering. Is it the Libyan oil? If it is, why haven't we kicked Qadaffi's ass long before this and seized the oil!
The media refuses to shine a negative light on their 'anointed one,' despite his failings, his lies and his ignorance in dealing with the Islam problem. If a Republican were sitting in the White House, the media would be castigating him - or her - on a daily basis and doing its utmost to destroy public trust.
For the life of me, I cannot understand why Obama continues to walk on water with the media and why they support this liberal socialist who is doing his best to bankrupt America!
Of course realizing the intelligence of the average American voter, it is conceivable to believe the Charlie Sheen could run for President in 2012 and be elected. Forty percent of our society support Obama because they only know how to say "gimme, gimme," and hold their hand out for more. Another 12% of our society speak only Spanish and they love Senor Obama for not enforcing immigration laws and for giving them all the wonderful benefits they receive from the gringo American government. The remaining 48% of our society is working their asses off to feed their families, pay their mortgages and pay the taxes that are distributed to the sit-on-their-ass Obama gimme supporters.
If Obama does win reelection, America may very well become embroiled in another revolution.
As I write this, 'the annointed one' and a huge entourage (on our dollar) are whooping it up down in Rio.
Obama is destroying America, but I will give him credit for one thing. He is elevating Jimmy Carter's image and Jimmy no longer holds the distinction of being the worst President in the history of our nation.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


It seems every week my newspaper has an article reporting the seizure of a vessel by Somali pirates. For a time the mainstream media were writing the piracy stories with a swashbuckling romantic flair. It seemed only righteous to liberals that the poor Somalis were fleecing millions of $$ from greedy, wealthy shipping countries and wealthy individuals. Then the romance turned ugly when the pirates seized a sailing vessel and murdered (executed) their hostages.
What has been Obama's response to the cut throat scum of Somalia? He ordered a naval presence in the area to protect unarmed vessels. The Somalis obviously are not intimidated and have responded that any attempts to stop them will result in the killing of hostages.
I have to question why the most powerful nation on earth (rapidly being weakened under Obama's Presidency) is tolerating this piracy outrage. Somalia is a scum sucking African nation, without a legitimate government and those in charge of the country hate the United States. If our man/boy President had gonads, he would advise Somalia that he holds that rag tag government responsible for the piracy and that the piracy must immediately end or Somalia will be converted into an African landfill. Wouldn't be difficult because most of the country is already a landfill.
Of course that will not happen. Obama is too busy playing up to the union mobs that give him the millions of $$ to run a campaign, and soliciting the support of homosexuals. In other words, he is fulfilling the job he knows best, that of an organized crime boss.